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There's nothing quite like shooting on film. It's become an addictive hobby that's generally improved my technical skills and reminded me to stay in the moment, trust the process, and honor imperfection. I can bring this approach to a shoot as well and capture moments that are tangible and timeless.
I primarily shoot with a Minolta SRT-201 (my first 35mm) or Minolta X370-N, along with a Kodak Retinette 1A and Zeiss Ikon Contaflex. My preferred film stocks are whatever's available these days, which are quite few, but I can't go wrong with Fuji, Ilford, or Foma. Currently experimenting with Lomography and their range of boutiquey, psychedelic stocks.

Lavender Leak
Inky Shrooms
Lily of the Valley
Lighthouse - Fort Worden State Park
Brittany Allyson @ Goorin's Hat Shop
Brittany Allyson @ Goorin's Hat Shop
Seattle South
So Like a Rose
Adam Frank/Easel Seams
Pike Place Market
5th Avenue
Under the Pioneer Square Pergola
Ghost Murals and Wheat
Birdshit Roof - Fort Worden State Park
Hollow Building - Ft. Worden State Park
Haller Fountain - Port Townsend
Sailboats - Port Townsend
Beach - Fort Worden State Park
UnderTown - Port Townsend
Bumble Butt
Images of Blue and White
Bluebell Statue
Invasive Reclamation
Blackberry Bee
Birch Trees
Joyeux Noel
Susans Lights
Twin Palms in Snow
Bamboo Tunnel
Black Eyed Dog
Henry's Fish @ Naked City Brewery
Sunflowers Multi Exposure
Time for Java Jazz
Golden Gardens Sunset
Rococco Clouds
Apocalyptic Sunset


Early medium format photography with my first film camera, a Diana F+. I love achieving that genuinely vintage look with vignetting, scratches and light leaks. I can bring this aesthetic into my work to give people that dreamy vibe with our shoots.

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